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Resurgent India Webinars Series

Virtual Session on Real Estate Project Finance: Challenges and Opportunities 2023
Virtual Session on Budget 2023-24: Government’s constraints and industries’ expectations
Virtual Session on Green Financing Solution: A popular choice for Funds
Virtual Session on Fundraising Essentials for Indian Startups
Virtual Session on Navigating the Co-Lending Landscape in India
Virtual Session on Early-stage funding: A safer choice for PE-VC Investments
Virtual Session on Data Protection Bill 2022 and its implication on digital lending
Virtual Session on "Financing Sustainable Manufacturing"
Virtual Session on Infrastructure Finance
Virtual Session on Impact of Private Equity Investments on Healthcare and Wellness Sector
Virtual Session on Decoding Overseas Investment Rules and Regulations 2022
Virtual Session on Hospitality Sector: Challenges and Prospects
Virtual Session on Recent Trends in Green Financing for Sustainable Development
Virtual Session on Closing the Gap between Banking & Payments
Virtual Session on Importance of ESOPs in a start-up venture: Investors’ Perspective
Virtual Session on Challenges in Liquidation of the Corporate Entity under the Insolvency Code, 2016
Virtual Session on Unleashing the Power and Potential of FinTech and NBFCs
Virtual Session on Recent Trends in Venture Capital Investments: Focus on Key Emerging Sectors
Virtual Session on Impact of Venture Capital investments in the Financial Services Sector
Virtual Session on Personal Insolvency under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
Virtual Session on Co-lending by Bank and NBFCs: Trends, Opportunities & Challenges
Virtual Session on CIRP of Real Estate Entities
Virtual Session on Entry of NBFC in the Credit Card Business: Impact on Banks in Future
Virtual Session on "Challenges in Adhering to Timelines under IBC
Virtual Session on Co Lending between Bank and NBFCs: Road Map from Signing to Execution
Virtual Session on Impact of RBI Guideline on Shadow Banks (NBFCs) Health: Way Forward
Virtual Session on Venture Funding – Focus on Step by Step Approach
Virtual Session on Challenges & Opportunities for PRP Insolvency under IBC
Virtual Session on Funding Opportunities & Road Ahead for Healthcare Sector
Virtual Session on Distressed Assets and Funding Opportunities in India
Virtual Session on Private Equity Investments in MSME Sector - Opportunity of the Next Decade
Virtual Session on Fintech and NBFCs Partnership for Credit Revolution
Virtual Session on Co Lending between Bank and NBFCs: Journey so far & Road Ahead
Virtual Session on Alternative Funding Options for Real Estate Sector 2.0
Virtual Session on Digitalization of Supply Chain Financing & Road Ahead
Virtual Session on PLI Scheme Journey so far and major impact on Indian MSMEs
Future Proofing Banks Outlook and Opportunities for Indian Banks by 2025
Virtual Session on COVID 19 Impact on Structured Finance Markets
Virtual Session on Funding Opportunities and Challenges in Power and Infrastructure Sector
Virtual Session on The Collaborative Power of Fintech & Banking
Virtual Session on REITs and InvITs: - Paving the Way for A New Era of Investments
Virtual Session on Affordable Housing Finance Industry - Current Scenario & Future Outlook
Virtual Session On "Overview on External Commercial Borrowings"
Virtual Session on Funding Opportunities in Food Processing and Agri Infrastructure
Virtual Session on the Future of Micro Finance: Challenges and Opportunities
Virtual Session on International Trade Finance – Opportunities for MSMEs
Webinar: The Future of Co-Lending: Finance for MSMEs/Retail with Technology
Virtual Session on Alternative Funding Options for Real Estate Sector
Virtual Session on 52nd Anniversary of Bank Nationalization
Virtual Session on: The Digital Future of Finance: Digital Lending by Banks, NBFCs and FinTechs
Virtual Session on Role of Credit Rating in Bank Loans and Debt Capital Market
Virtual Session on Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak on Performance of Indian Banking Sector
Virtual Session on Redefining India Infrastructure and Alternative Financing Options
Virtual Session on Future of Digital Lending and Role of Banks, NBFCs and FinTech
Webinar on: Impact Investment: Purpose Driven Finance Finds Its Place in India and Changing Dynamics
Virtual Session on Opportunities and Challenges for Healthcare Entities
Webinar on: A Deeper Perspective on the Health Issues Facing the Country at Present.
Virtual Session on: Role of Co lending in Solving India’s Credit access crisis for MSMEs, Retail and Housing Sector
Virtual Session on: Resolution Framework 2.0 – Resolution of Covid-19 Related Stress of MSMEs
Virtual Session on How Resolution Plan Need to be Prepared under Restructuring Scheme?
Webinar:-Role of Asset Reconstruction Companies in Resolution of Stressed Assets and Road Ahead
Webinar:- MSME Digital Lending - Challenges in Credit Off Take & Role of Fintech Ecosystem as an “Enabler"
Virtual Session :- New Emerging Trends in Roads and Allied Sector
Virtual Session on Iron & Steel Market Outlook
Webinar:- Pre- Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process
Virtual Session- Empowering the Growth of Agri & Food Processing Industry
Webinar:- Railways of India- The Upcoming Booming Industry
Virtual Session - Valuation: Perspective, Importance & Awareness
Webinar on: Resilient Solar Power Sector & The Way Forward
Webinar:- Union Budget 2021: Implications & Opportunities
Virtual Session on "Financing Renewable Energy Projects"
Webinar:- Infra Financing: The Road to India’s Recovery & Growth
Webinar:- ECLGS 2.0 for Building Atmanirbhar Bharat
Webinar- The Future of Infrastructure Financing
Virtual Session on "Co-Lending for NBFC by Banks"
Webinar:- Liquidity Crunch in Real Estate & Various Sources of Funding
Webinar:- Role of TEV Study in Credit Appraisal Process of Banks
Webinar:- How To Prepare Resolution Plan Under RBI Restructring Scheme
Webinar:-One time restructuring Scheme & RBI Guidelines
Webinar:- GOAL Setting - Need in Life
Webinar - One Time Restructuring Scheme By RBI - 2
One Time Restructuring Scheme By RBI
Webinar- IBC Case Laws
Webinar-CII Delhi State Presents Townhall With MD & CEO of Punjab National Bank
PHDCCI - National Web Conference for Banking- Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
Webinar- CII Townhall Delhi with MD & CEO of Punjab & Sind Bank
Hospitality Industry - The Way Forward
Decoding the Recent Guidelines Issued by the GOI & the RBI w.r.t. Industry & NBFC
UCO Bank - Mega MSME Outreach Programme - Bank Initiatives towards MSME Sector
Mega MSME Outreach Programme - Bank Initiatives towards MSME Sector
CEO Roundtable How Companies Are Preparing Themselves For Future
Unlocking Your Business in Lockdown
Discussion on Skill & Infrastructure Industry
Paradigm Shift in process of Business Development
Challenges for the PSU Banks Post COVID 19
Ways To Approach Lenders & Getting Fund For Your Project
Fundamentals of Credit Monitoring & The Way Forward
Shape of Economic Recovery Post Covid 19
Alternative Trade Finance Solutions
How ARCs shall resolve Stressed Assets
Indian Economy - The Road Map To Success
Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges From The Developer Angle
Valuation of Intangibles
Impact on Urban Infrastructure
B2B Transactions Legal Questions Going Forward
Real Estate The Way Forward
Winning in the Age of Disruption Lessons from the Army
Personal Guarantors under IBC
Valuation under Ind AS
Strategy for Resolution of Stressed Assets
Shape of Economic Recovery Post Covid 19
Introduction to Swamih Fund for Real Estate Funding
Impact of COVID 19 on Banks
Domestic Trade finance Traditional vs evolving solutions
Understanding of RBI Guidelines for Resolution of Stressed Assets
Role of NBFC Post COVID 19
Leadership Crisis
Definition of affordability after corona virus
Coronavirus outbreak Banking & business Way Forward
Strategy, StartUp and Al for Running Business
Latest Amendment in IBC and Important Judicial Pronouncement
Basel-II &Basel-III
Financial Management for SME
Life of Corporates after COVID -19
DNA of a Champion Salesperson
Future of Real Estate  - Mr. Dabriwal Highland Group
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